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You’re not alone.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or considering suicide, we have resources to help.

TAD™ is a nonprofit helping friends, family, & co-workers navigate mental health crisis moments through stories, digital tools, and microlearning.

TAD™ is all about ending the shame surrounding mental health and choose to talk about topics like suicide and depression. We aim to make resources easier to understand and more accessible to those in crisis. Our goal is to educate everyone including the friends, family, and co-workers on supporting an individual through a crisis moment.

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Talking about suicide, depression, or basically anything to do with mental health can be incredibly hard. Learning with TAD gives you the skills and education backed by medical experts to help any individual going through a mental health crisis to seek professional help.

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It started with a text.

On June 30th, 2017 I got a text from my best friend stating “I don’t want to live anymore”. From the time we were 10 years old, I have known him to be the person I can go to with any problem I have. As a high profile athlete and successful in school — I saw him as a success. I never saw this coming, and I wasn’t sure what to do.

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With stories that offer hope, humor, and connection, our contributors are proof that it’s OK to talk about depression. Wherever you are in your journey, we’d love to share your story with our community.