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If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, dying or self harm click the button below.

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About TAD

The TAD™ Project is a nonprofit organization helping friends, family and coworkers navigate mental health crisis moments through stories, a digital community, and microlearning.


Explore verified content from our expert medical advisors.


Watch videos from experts and peers that offer practical mental health advice.


Our podcasts feature mental health experiences from athletes, experts, and celebrities.


Talk about depression or mental health to shed light on your situation.


Read contributors stories and share your journey.


Our verified educational resources can help you learn about mental health.

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TAD Stories

With stories that offer, hope, humor, and connection, our contibrutors are proof that it’s OK to talk about mental health and suicide prevention.

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Dominic P.
I hope and expect that we can all continually find new ways to help ourselves, and those around us that
are struggling.
Emily D.
Finding comfort and seeking advice from others can truly make a huge difference.
Smitha R.
It is so important that people feel comfortable sharing their feelings and it is even more important
that their loved ones are prepared to provide the best help and care possible. TAD can make that happen.
Kimmy H.
No demographic is untouched by mental illness. This is one battle we can all join forces for.

Why TAD?

It started with a text. On June 30th, 2017 I got a text from my best friend stating “I don’t want to live anymore”. From the time we were 10 years old, I have known him to be the person I can go to with any problem I have. As a high profile athlete and successful in school — I saw him as a success. I never saw this coming, and I wasn’t sure what to do.

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TAD Videos

TAD Videos give you the skills and information, backed by medical experts to help an individual seek professional resources. See below to learn about using 911, texting 741-741, and calling 1-800-273-8255 in a mental health crisis. 



Some frequently asked questions for you

9-1-1 operators have a standard protocol when they receive a suicide-related call. This approach helps identify what’s best for the person and how to proceed. We adopted this technology from our partner TadHealth. This can help an individual during a mental health crisis connect to resources.

No. The TAD Project helps connect people to both new and existing resources using technology. If you know someone is in danger please dial 911 right now.

Our content is medically qualified. Although there are seemingly countless online resources, finding ones you trust — such as the Mayo Clinic and NAMI — is important. Our medical experts stand by the information and sources we share from.

The protocol was created in collaboration with medical experts at TadHealth and the current standards of available care. We have curated the best practice information into a protocol that can help within seconds. Our chief medical advisor is Dr. Kathy Platoni who is a decorated military psychologist who works with veterans specializing in the treatment of PTSD. 

There isn’t a "one way is the right way" approach to mental health challenges. We focus on giving the caregiver plenty of tools to help them understand and how to take on challenging conversations. We also believe that finding space to help your friend means taking care of yourself, too.

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