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Emily D.’s Story

Emily D.
Jun, 17 2021


Content Advisory: Please note the following content can be directly or indirectly related to topics about mental health, depression, suicide, and or self-harm.


My mental health journey started at the end of 2018. I was in a toxic relationship with my now ex, and I was severely depressed, unhappy, lost and lonely. I felt like I was at the end of my rope, until one day, something just clicked in my head. I was so fed up with the way I had been living my life, I decided to do something about it instead of sleeping away the pain. I started therapy, I joined a gym and I found a hobby (makeup) and things started to look up for me. I also, in the back of my mind, hoped that if I improved myself, then somehow I could magically improve my relationship. It didn’t work and in April of 2019 my ex broke up with me. It sent me spiraling into a severe depression again. However, since I had already begun working on myself and my mental health, I was able to “bounce” back a lot faster than I normally would have. When my ex finally ended the 5 year relationship, though I didn’t realize it then, I now know it was the best thing to ever happen to me. || 

I ended up starting a mental health podcast in February of 2020 after going through all of this heartache, depression and anxiety because that situation shed light on the fact that I had been suffering with anxiety and depression my whole life. It started to click and make sense as to why I would do certain things or act a certain way. While working on myself and my mental health, though it was rewarding, it was/is lonely at times. The podcast is a platform that I use to not only share my personal experiences but the stories of others who struggle with their mental health. The goal is to show other people that they are not the only ones who face these demons; that they are not alone. It’s important to speak up and talk about these uncomfortable and personal topics, because when you are in your feelings and you are unable to see clearly, it can oftentimes feel like no one gets it, or understands. By being open and honest about how we truly are feeling in the moment, it can help connect us and or even save someone’s life. We simply never know what someone is going through, sharing is truly caring.||

|| If you are struggling with your mental health my advice to you would be to seek out a therapist, if you haven’t already, or talk to someone you feel close to. When we open up about what is going on inside our heads and our hearts, it truly lightens the burden. Though your first instinct may be to hide inside your shell, finding comfort and seeking advice from others can truly make a huge difference. As someone who constantly struggles with anxiety and depression, it can often feel like you’re riding a roller coaster that never seems to end. But please know that though your days may seem dark, and the ride long and winding, but the sun will shine again and the ride will slow down. Meet yourself where you’re at and keep going.


Check out Emily’s Podcast Here: https://thewonderingmindpodcast.wordpress.com


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